Where does all this information come from, and is it current?

AdvisorCrossing.com has compiled information filed by registered investment advisers with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, through the IARD system.


We pull new information from the IARD system as it becomes available, so it's as current as can be. AdvisorCrossing.com also provides its members the opportunity to post links to articles that appear on such members' websites.

My firm provides services to RIAs. How may I best use this website to find potential clients?

Start with the Advisers search. We suggest you start with the characteristics of your target prospects. Apply filters to zero in on firms located in the cities you target, number of employees, amount of money under advisement, etc. You may also wish to filter based upon the services the RIAs offer and, if such services include private fund management, run your prospects through the  Funds tab and see if you have contacts within any of the firms engaged by the funds managed by your prospects.

I'm looking for private funds that could use my company's services. Where do I start?

While there are several approaches and it’s a great idea to try a variety of search models, given the universe of funds you might want to start with the  Funds tab and narrow your search by the type of funds you seek to service. You can further limit your search by the level of the funds’ assets and/or location of the RIA. Then you might want to filter for funds that engage other service providers with whom you have contact.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure. Of course, since at this time subscriptions are free, there will be no refunds.